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Accounting and CPA Marketing Programs

CPA Marketing & Local Marketing Programs

In addition to our website development and search engine optimization services, steelteal MARKETING delivers local CPA marketing programs for CPA and Accounting firms. We understand that your target clients are generally local to you, so we have local marketing programs specifically for professional services organizations.

cpa marketing programsOur CPA Marketing programs are supported by our ability to gather the contact information of all new business registrations for any county in every state in the country. We offer scheduled mailings (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually) to these new businesses, as well as telemarketing services on your behalf. We can get your CPA Firm or Accounting Firm in front of these new businesses!

Our comprehensive turn-key local CPA marketing programs allow you to focus on your business:

Local CPA Marketing Program (for CPA and Accounting Firms):

  • Targeted, Local mailing LISTS
    You decide the target locations down to the county and zip codes, and we will provide the very latest contact information for all new business registrations in the areas of your choice. Our lists are updated weekly so you can be sure you are marketing to the freshest leads.
  • Direct mail DESIGN
    Your high-impact postcard will be designed based on your value proposition and your branding.  We help product engaging copy and leverage high-contrast images. (4×6 & 6×9 postcards)
    You don’t have to worry about printing because we will handle this as well. Based on our volume of printing, we have negotiated very competitive rates on our direct mail printing for local marketing programs.
  • MAILING services
    You manage your business, and we will manage the mailing services. Your marketing will be mailed as scheduled (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually) so all you need to worry about is managing the leads when they come in.
  • TELEMARKETING services
    If you want even more impact, we can provide professional telemarketing services focused on lead generation, appointment setting or information gathering.

No matter your needs, we can scale our services based on the type of marketing you need, as well as the volume of marketing. So, whether you need monthly mailings to every new business registration in your county, or quarterly mailings to the 1000 most local business with follow-up phone calls, we can do it.

If you would like to learn more about our local marketing program for CPA Firms and Accounting Firms, let’s talk.