Did you know …

Moms are 20% more likely to use social media than the general population, according to BabyCenter. In fact, 91% of moms now use social media regularly.

Custom Mobile Websites

At least 10-15% of your (potential) customers are on smartphones… are you ignoring them by not having a mobile website?

With almost 15% of all web traffic now coming from smart phones and mobile devices, having a custom mobile website is an imperative. Businesses need to adapt their web strategy to ensure they aren’t alienating potential customers. For some businesses, especially local retail businesses, that number can be even higher. People are using their smart phones and mobile devices to find businesses, to research and to buy. The question is, are you meeting this market demand?

  • Do you have a mobile version of your website?
  • Does your website automatically identify the type of device each web visitor is using?
  • Does your website give smartphone users an optimal experience?
  • Are you worried that smartphone users are finding your competitor websites more engaging?

steelteal MARKETING designs engaging mobile websites. They are optimized for small screens and give visitors the opportunity to quickly and easily engage. In fact, anytime we design and develop a “regular” website for our customers, we always include a mobile version. Its not just an option any longer, it’s an imperative.

Our mobile websites can include:

  • Online ordering
  • Dynamic Menu’s
  • Reservations systems
  • Memberships
  • Mobile payment processing
  • GPS directions

If you don’t have a mobile website or are not happy with your current mobile website, let’s talk.

What is a custom mobile website? A mobile website is streamlined version of your regular website. The difference is…

  • A custom mobile website gives visitors a much simpler interface, allowing for quick and easy navigation
  • A custom mobile website is shown to visitors, automatically, if they are on a smartphone or mobile device

A custom mobile website can allow visitors to buy, register, reserve a table, make an appointment and ultimately engage with you and your business.