Did you know …

Moms are 20% more likely to use social media than the general population, according to BabyCenter. In fact, 91% of moms now use social media regularly.

Social Media Marketing

Does Social Media Marketing Work? … Yes, if you do it right!

Have you ever tried a product or service because someone suggested it, or you heard about it through a group of friends? Of course you have! Well, social media marketing is very similar to this with the added bonus of engaging with a much larger group of people.

Social media marketing is about leveraging social media tools and technologies to communicate, share and engage with your target audience. It’s about providing your audience with valuable information, knowledge and commentary in an effort to build a relationship with them. People buy from those they like and trust. Social media allows you the opportunity to build good will and trust.

Online communities and social networks were born for people to share and communicate. People (your potential customers) use them for unbiased, honest information. Social media exists to provide trusted, 3rd party information to consumers and buyers who don’t want a sales pitch. If you go in with one, you’re dead.

The key to success is not talking points, but conversation, and getting yourself involved in the right conversations in the right way.

We understand social media, how to engage in it successfully, and how to to avoid costly mistakes. We can help you build your social media strategy, rules of engagement and even help support you on-going.