Did you know …

Moms are 20% more likely to use social media than the general population, according to BabyCenter. In fact, 91% of moms now use social media regularly.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Whether you are small business or large, social marketing strategies remain the same. While larger companies will often have more resources to dedicate to their social marketing efforts, smaller business can find just as substantial value, on a relative scale, from it.

An article on SocialMediaToday.com by Brad Smith provides a list of lessons that small businesses can learn from ‘big’ businesses. The article provides some great insights that illustrate that big businesses don’t have distinct advantage over small businesses, outside of the number of resources (people and money) they can dedicate to social marketing.

small business social media marketingFollow these tips, and any small business can draw significant value from social marketing.

Start with the end in mind

This is common sense right? You need to have a goal(s) in order to reach it. You’ve got three ways in which you can derive value from social marketing:

  1. Increase awareness of your company, product or services and increase your reach
  2. Increase engagement with your customers (and prospects) to improve customer satisfaction
  3. Increase sales revenue by increasing sales to new customers, existing customers, or both.

Determine what your goal is and put your focus there. Don’t be distracted trying to sell, if your goal is to engage and improve on customer service and satisfaction.

Content is king

You have to produce good content in order to make social media marketing work. Identify your good writers, or hire some, to develop website copy, blog posts, and articles. Consistently delivering valuable content is the key to success.  Recently, I was looking for tips on how to remove splinters. (I need to refinish my deck) and I found some great suggestions on a blog by a local drugstore. Soon after I needed some band aids and where did I go? To my local drugstore that helped me make my 9 year old daughter feel better.

Search Engine Optimization

Make sure you are following up-to-date SEO practices to ensure your content is findable by search engines. That is how your audience will find it. If they can’t find your content, well, it doesn’t exist.

Generosity and compassion

Yep. It’s not about you, it’s about them. Focus your content on what your target audience is interested in. The value to you is that your company gains recognition from delivering value to your audience. Direct selling in social marketing circles, is a dangerous strategy and a sure way to burn trust.

Leverage the power of others

Social marketing isn’t about controlling your message. There are likely bloggers, analysts and experts in your industry or market that are writing, blogging and publishing. These people have an audience that trusts them. They are likely pretty good writers and they always looking for valuable topics and subjects. Help them by giving them something new to write about. If you can get them to write, blog and publish about you, will reap rewards.

Embrace engagement

Social marking provides companies to engage with their customers, prospects and future prospects in a way that was impossible even 10 years ago. Imagine the owner of a yoga studio, who now has the opportunity to engage and share with customers via Twitter and Facebook about diet, exercise, daily stresses, etc.  If they stay in tune, they can learn value information about their audience such the ideal time for classes and what their audience expects to get from these classes.

Don’t focus on your messaging or even the tactics. Focus on engaging with your audience wherever they are. If you do it well, you will learn more about them than you can imagine.