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Marketecture Development

What is marketecture development?

Our approach to Marketecture (or marchitecture) simplifies a company’s positioning and messaging (products or services) by outlining the who, what, why, where and how of your offering:

  • Who your buyers are
  • What you are selling (key terminology and definition)
  • Why your solution meets the needs of your target audience
  • Where is the point of need?
  • How your solution will solve their problems

Based on this information, you can then target your ideal buyers at their time of need. This means..

  • Better response rate to your marketing
  • Less time wasted with low-probability buyers
  • Shorter sales cycle
  • More sales volume
  • Improved cost/sale

Marketecture documents will combine an overview for your non-technical audience, along with the strategic positioning your organization will use to compete.

Marketecture refers to both the approach and the documentation that results from it. Here’s how Ian Gorton defines marketecture in his book, Essential Software Architecture:

… (a) one page, typically informal depiction of the system’s structure and interactions. It shows the major components, their relationships and has a few well chosen labels and text boxes that portray the design philosophies embodied in the architecture. A marketecture is an excellent vehicle for facilitating discussion by stakeholders during design, build, review, and of course the sales process. It’s easy to understand and explain, and serves as a starting point for deeper analysis.

How is a marketecture used?

  • By your inside sales team and telemarketing group to ensure they have the right language for the right situation
  • By your outside sales team to provide them with clear guidance on who their ideal buyer is, under what conditions and your key messaging.
  • By your inbound and outbound marketing teams to ensure they are ALL on the same page with regards to your messaging for each audience segmentation.
  • By your customer services teams to make it easy for them to identify opportunities

We work with organizations to help guide the markecture development process and produce your documents.